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Dragos seeks passionate, hard-working, fun-loving, small-ego, big-brained people. Our tagline is “Safeguarding Civilization” not because we think highly of ourselves, but because the problems we are solving are critically important, today and in the years to come. We look for ICS experts across industries who are committed to growing global expertise in the space by training the next wave of future innovators and thought leaders

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Open Positions

We value our team culture and strongly prefer those local to Dragos' headquarters in Maryland, but we know this limits who we can hire. If you'd like us to consider you for a remote position we encourage you to apply!

Please review Dragos’ various divisions and their associated job descriptions. Note that the responsibilities detailed in each constitute a wish list with room to grow into, rather than firm requirements. Does everything sound great except for one thing? Please ask about it. Don’t see the perfect job description for you right now? Drop us your resume.


Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to society by securing our critical infrastructure and knowing that your work was impactful? Our software codifies our knowledge and experience, delivering an intelligent, orchestrated, and automated approach to asset protection, threat detection, analysis, and response. The Dragos Platform is not just an application we sell to our customers, it is the solution that our Threat Operations Center (TOC) uses, a scalable tool able to protect the most sophisticated ICS infrastructures. If you are passionate about automation we encourage you to apply for this job.

The Dragos Platform
Systems Engineer

Dragos is looking for talented engineers with a background in systems engineer and administration, data management, scalable architectures, orchestration, networking, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We set our goal as best in class and are looking for team players who set these same standards for themselves in a highly collaborative environment.

The Dragos Platform
Systems Engineer
  • Work closely with Product Management and Design teams to define feature specifications
  • Design and implement automation and orchestration solutions
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement of existing solutions
  • Participate in interactions with analysts and customers as a technical expert for product subsystems
  • Understanding of big data processing architectures
  • Experience designing and implementing solutions using automation/orchestration frameworks
  • Solid understanding of DNS solutions, Active Directory, and other LDAPs solution
  • In-depth expertise in network monitoring/configuration/management solutions, network architecture, network security, network traffic and payload analysis
  • Strong debugging and trouble shooting skills
  • Experience configuring and implementing virtualization technologies
  • Expertise building and monitoring software projects in an Agile environment
QA/Test Engineer

This position will be responsible for designing test cases and implementing them with tools of your choosing for a growing cybersecurity start-up based in Hanover, MD. Provide direction in creating a thorough QA process that ensures a reliable, quality software product and ties together testing processes and capabilities, while also defining and delivering the testing infrastructure itself. Guide QA projects and use both existing expertise and newly gained knowledge to help implementation and testing needs.

The Dragos Platform
QA/Test Engineer
  • Work across company to develop a focus on delivery of value and quality
  • Develop and maintain a test framework while providing recommendations and guidance in best practices and tooling for QA infrastructure
  • Work on a cross-functional team to create plans and scripts to cover integration and regression tests
  • Collaborate with developers to determine acceptance criteria for new features and improvements to the platform
  • Collaborate with DevOps engineers to build and maintain test environments to simulate traffic found on industrial control system networks
  • Provide reporting on product quality and participate in continuous improvement of processes
  • 2-5 years of QA or automation engineering experience of a non-continuously-delivered product
  • Experience designing, building, and maintaining test environments with an automation-first philosophy
  • Experience designing and implementing test cases for systems with REST APIs
  • Experience with Python, Ruby, Groovy, or similar scripting language
  • Experience with Git or similar version control system
  • Experience with Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins
  • Bonus points for experience with automated browser testing of web applications
The Dragos Platform
Software Developer

Dragos is looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic software engineer interested in developing solutions to help safeguard the world’s industrial infrastructure in a highly collaborative team at Dragos. We set our goal as best in class and are looking for team players who set these same standards for themselves.

The Dragos Platform
Software Developer
  • Design and build robust, high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems
  • Write well-designed, testable, and efficient code
  • Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Prepare and produce releases of software components
  • Support continuous improvement by investigating and presenting alternative technologies for team review
  • 3-5 years of hands-on experience with JVM languages such as Kotlin, Groovy, or Java
  • Experience building highly-scalable, concurrent, large-volume applications
  • Experience with microservice system architecture and design patterns
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the team to brainstorm solutions
  • Ability to multitask on several complex programming assignments while simultaneously balancing multiple deadlines and priorities
  • Knowledge of software development principles and design patterns
  • Experience with non-relational databases
  • Personal initiative, self-motivation, and results-oriented work ethic and ability to work independently with minimal supervision


Our sales team’s primary mission is to build a framework that delivers value and impact to our customers, clients, and partners. Our sales team isn’t just about sales; it’s about problem solving, decision making, effective communication, technical capacity, and most important of all, customer support. If you desire to be a part of a highly motivated team that helps drive the success of our company, we encourage you to apply.

Inside Sales

Dragos, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated Inside Sales expert that will work with Senior Level Sales and Management in the day to day activities of the Dragos sales initiatives.

The Dragos Platform
Inside Sales
Dragos, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated Inside Sales expert that will work with Senior Level Sales and Management in the day to day activities of the Dragos sales initiatives. This will include but not be limited to:
  • Keep Salesforce CRM current by helping to capture and record key Sales account communications
  • Coordinate and maintain sales activities to better utilize resources to achieve sales goals
  • Work with Marketing to ensure proper fit for Sales activities and initiatives
  • Work with Senior Level Project Managers to keep projects on track and on budget
  • Ability to conduct customer needs and determine business requirements
  • Further qualify leads passed from Marketing and assign to Sales members
  • Maintain existing sales reports and metrics
  • Ensure timely exchange of data among business partners
  • Analyzes and reviews ability to achieve Key Performance Indicators and makes adjustments to the sales process where appropriate
  • Experience with Salesform CRM
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc) proficiency
  • Inside sales experience a plus
Additional Information
  • Location: Hanover, Maryland (Relocation resources are available)
  • Salary: $50k-$60k depending on qualifications
  • Benefits: Full health, vision, dental, and life insurance as well as 6% match on 100% of 401k contributions and options for equity in the company's stock plan
  • Level: Junior to Mid
  • Reporting to: VP of Sales
  • Travel: None required

Threat Operations Center

Our Threat Operations help customers find, respond to, recover from, and communicate security incidents within industrial environments. Our two foci—the leading edge of defensive capabilities and expertise in Industrial Control Systems—require that you excel at finding threats and defending industrial control networks. If you're looking to forward a career in industrial security, and have experience in industrial environments, network security monitoring, incident handling, threat intelligence, and/or digital forensics, we encourage you to apply for this job.

Threat Operations Center Analyst

Dragos is looking for analysts with hands-on knowledge of industrial environments including PLCs, RTUs, instrumentation, and the processes they sustain. Working knowledge of incident response and forensics and demonstration of ability to proactively hunt for compromises.

Threat Operations Center
Threat Operations Center Analyst
Experience and Skills
  • Hands-on knowledge of industrial environments including PLCs, RTUs, instrumentation, and the processes they sustain
  • Working knowledge of incident response and forensics
  • Demonstration of ability to proactively hunt for compromises
  • Excellent social, verbal and written communication skills; ability to both facilitate training and present complex analytical data to a variety of audiences
  • Self-motivated and results-focused; ability to strengthen the team and its mission
  • Ability to share on-call responsibilities including non-standard hours, onsite response efforts
  • Ability for both planned and unplanned travel, domestic and international
  • Ability to complete various background checks on a customer requirements basis

Global Intelligence

Want to hunt those who threaten civilization? Want to catch and expose threats targeting power plants, water, manufacturing systems, and other industrial control systems? Dragos threat intelligence works to discover these threats, develop innovative analytics for detection, support investigations, and incident response, and provide customers with world-class situational awareness. Unlike many other teams with a broader mission, we focus solely on operational threats to industrial control networks; this gives our analysts the time and space necessary to do world-class research and intelligence on the most advanced and significant threats in the world.

At Dragos, we are not traditional intelligence analysts; we are hunters of evil which threatens the functions of civil society. We are dedicated to the idea that intelligence not properly communicated is not intelligence at all. We get excited by the “thrill of the hunt” and support our Threat Operations Center during customer security incidents. If you are as excited about this as us, please let us know!

Adversary Hunter

We are looking for hunter-analysts with a passion for protecting society and the creativity necessary to uncover the most advanced and sophisticated threats in the world. Our hunter-analysts must love raw data and developing new analytic methods to detect threats.

Threat Operations Center
Adversary Hunter
  • 3+ hunting and tracking targeted threats
  • 3+ years’ experience with network-based intrusion analysis
  • Knowledge of common malware functionality and operations and comfortable working with static and dynamic binary analysis output
  • 2+ years developing analytics to enable threat hunting and detection
  • Experience pivoting across the Diamond Model and all stages of the kill-chain
  • Demonstrable experience producing customer-facing intelligence reports with strong writing skills
  • Experience developing indicators of compromise (IOCs) for customer-facing applications
  • 1+ year working directly with customers to collect requirements and feedback on intelligence products and services
  • Able to work well with a remote team of collaborators and deliver product on time and within quality guidelines
  • Experience with industrial control systems and threats specific to their operational environment
  • Experience reverse engineering malware with static and/or dynamic tools and techniques
  • Experience developing YARA, snort, and/or Bro signatures
  • Experience working with an operations center and/or incident response team
Senior Industrial Control Vulnerability Analyst

Dragos secures civilization by providing cyber security to industrial control environments worldwide. A Dragos senior vulnerability analyst evaluates control systems, operational networks, and ICS applications to measure the impact of exploits and attacks. We inform customers to enable decision making and develop analytics to detect their use in operational environments.

Threat Operations Center
Senior Industrial Control Vulnerability Analyst
  • Monitor vulnerability sources assessing their impact and measuring severity to customer operations
  • Analyze vulnerabilities and exploit code
  • Analyze systems, networks, applications for vulnerabilities
  • Translate analysis into both behavioral analytics and contextual reporting
  • Conduct trend analysis to identify patterns and particular areas of concern
  • Work with a variety of partners to properly manage vulnerabilities
  • Support incident response and threat operations with on-demand analysis
  • Integrate vulnerability into threat intelligence providing a cohesive narrative for customers
  • US Permanent Resident or US Citizen
  • 3+ years analyzing vulnerabilities and exploit code
  • Demonstrable ability to quickly validate and assess a vulnerability based on description alone
  • 3+ years developing, deploying, or evaluating proof-of-concept code related to vulnerabilities
  • 2+ years writing customer-facing material translating technical details and informing decision makers and operators
  • 2+ years monitoring vulnerability reporting sources and triaging reports by likely impact to operations
  • Demonstrable ability to appreciate a vulnerability’s impact to both IT and ICS operations with a measured understanding of real-world effect
  • An in-depth understanding of vulnerability scoring mechanisms along with their benefits and challenges
  • Experience with industrial control systems and their vulnerabilities
  • Experience reverse engineering malware with static and dynamic tools and techniques and familiarity with malware code constructs
  • Experience developing YARA, snort, and Bro signatures
  • Experience working with an operations center and incident response team
  • Experience with Python

Threat Intelligence

At Dragos, we work to Safeguard Civilization by empowering our customers worldwide who are responsible for critical infrastructure and the services on which modern civilization relies, such as reliable power, clean water, food production, and more. We hunt, understand, and deliver intelligence to Industrial Computer Systems (ICS) owner-operators, allowing our customers to focus on the most important threats in the ICS space, and recommending defensive action based on our 200+ years of combined experience in engineering and defending industrial networks.

Senior Technical Writer

Dragos is looking for an amazing writer to join our Threat Intelligence (TI) team. If you excel at intelligence reporting, writing clear and concise messages, are a great self-editor with a passion for security, and have or desire experience in ICS network security, threat intelligence, and digital forensics, we encourage you to apply.

Threat Intelligence
Senior Technical Writer

Remote, but travel to Maryland 2-3 times a year required

Experience and Skills
  • Intelligence or criminal investigation reporting background preferred
  • Computer security experience in a role or certifications (ISC2, SANS, etc.)
  • Knowledge of industrial environments is a plus
  • Understanding of intrusion analysis, incident response, network analysis, computer architecture, malware, exploits, and servicing
  • Excellent social, verbal, and written communication skills with the ability to both facilitate training and present complex analytical data to a variety of audiences and work efficiently with customers and co-workers in multiple disciplines 
  • Self-motivated and results-focused with the ability to work with a remote team in a collaborative atmosphere, including non-standard hours for breaking issues
  • Ability to tune the message from executives, to SOC personnel, to threat hunters
  • Experience with successful leadership and mentoring (training development or instructor experience a plus)
  • Summarize advisories and alerts in the ICS space and provide context and impact on ICS
  • Perform OSINT research into ICS security that could include: malicious activity, vulnerabilities, legislation, competitive analysis, and discerning facts and actionable intelligence from the FUD and summarizing these issues into concise, actionable articles with guidance for our customers
  • Write technical summaries of malicious activities and breaking issues on a timely basis taking highly technical code exploits and explaining them in more executive/administrator language
  • Ability to make the right decision for our customers around reporting and not look for guidance
  • Work with TOC (Threat Operations Center) and hunters on their reports to edit and polish them, utilizing your talents to make others great
  • Co-own a report portfolio consisting of 'Dragos ICS Worldview,' which includes a weekly summary, monthly summary, and special advisory for breaking news threats, and other reports, such as technical reports, campaign reports, and activity group reports
  • Closely coordinate with the other Senior Technical Writer to ensure full coverage of duties and collaboratively work to build templates, style guides, and other writers’ library material
Application Requirements

Please have 3-5 writing samples available for review

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